Health Benefits of Air Diffusers

1. Sleep Improvement

Essentials oils, such as Lavender, are proving to assist in falling and staying asleep. Essentials oils have been used for centuries in the natural and holistic improvement and management of sleep patterns. Placing an Air Diffuser in your bedroom to be used throughout the night to establish a consistent and safe release of essential oils and aromas is the perfect way to improve sleep quality with minimum effort. 

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2. Mood Elevation 

Depending on the essential oils used with your Diffusers Plus Air Diffuser, you can experience both elevated mood and a decrease in stress. Essentials oils such as Peppermint, Rosemary and Sweet Orange all have energising effects on the body which can lead to an elevated mood; a perfect way to start off the day! Positioning your Air Diffuser in your living room whilst enjoying your morning cup of coffee can really assist you in starting your day in a positive mindset. 

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3. Stress Management

If stress and anxiety are something you struggle with, then our team at Diffusers Plus have you covered. Essential Oils such as clary sage and camomile can naturally support your parasympathetic nervous system activation and assist supporting a calming response to stress. Try placing your Air Diffuser in a location near your chill-out space, such as next to your couch, and practice mindful breathing to increase the aroma absorption. Additionally, the ambience created by the subtle customisable LED lights in all our entire Diffuser range create the perfect atmosphere to unwind. 

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4. Breathe Easier

Whether experiencing a common cold, asthma or chronic breathing difficulties, our range of Diffuser sets can help you breathe easy.  Essentials oils and aromas such as Eucalyptus have been widely used to assist in decongestion and breathing improvement. Opening the airways to improve breathing quality through aromatherapy is as easy as placing your diffuser in the room you spend the most time and breathing the steam in. Our diffusers are safe for babies and children suffering from asthma or a nasty cough with peace of mind guaranteed in knowing it can be plugged in overnight with the mechanism turning itself off once the oil and water has emptied.

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Disclaimer: Please note that we at Diffusers Plus are not medical professionals, please consult your General Practitioner for medical advice if needed



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